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It is important to protect your computer.  Look below to see information on products [and websites] that will help you.  All of the products on this page are FREE for you.

Antivirus Software:

Antivirus Home Use Program (AV HUP)


The DoD Antivirus Software License Agreement from McAfee allows active DoD employees and authorized government contractors to utilize the antivirus software for personal device protection. Home use of the antivirus products will not only protect personal PCs, but will also potentially lessen the likelihood of malicious threats being introduced to the workplace and compromising DoD networks. DISA Home Use is now being offered to government employees and defense contractors with an approved .mil email address. 


McAfee Internet Security


 As a member of DoD government and defense contractor community, you can now take advantage of a free 1-year subscription to McAfee Internet Security for your PC or MAC at no cost.  This subscription gives you proactive security for your home PC by preventing malicious attacks and keeping you safe while you surf, search, and download files online. McAfee's Internet Security service also continuously delivers the latest software, so your protection is never out-of-date. 

By installing McAfee Internet Security on your home system, you'll not only be protecting your PC from malicious threats, but you'll also help your organization strengthen its IT security against transferable viruses and spyware.

Note: Please be advised, DISA Home Use licensing for McAfee Internet Security is for personal/privately purchased devices only. Do not install McAfee Internet Security on Government Furnished Equipment (GFE).


This link:  has this information: 

McAfee Home Use Program was ended on 20 March 2024. It will not be renewed.


Here are other FREE options for you (and some handy security programs).

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Windows Computers:


Windows Defender logo

Microsoft Defender is built into Windows 10 and 11

Type Defender into the search box to find

This program helps you set up identity theft monitoring, and protect your devices from malware and phishing attacks on multiple devices



Windows Defender logo

Windows Security is built into Windows 10 an d11

Type Windows Security into the search box to find



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Download AVG Anti-Virus (includes Anti-Spyware)



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Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware trial




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Mac Computers:


Please be aware that Macs are also being targeted

This page has some good information on it


How to keep your Mac secure



Download Sophos Antivirus for Mac

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Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware trial




Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising


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The Network Advertising Initiative has a tool that will help you Opt out of some tailored online advertising





Classes for learning how to be more security minded while using your computer


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